My Africa Adventures

What else is possible when you go way beyond your comfort zone?

I left New York for South Africa on July 31st to follow a calling…

A calling to leap more fully into life, to go beyond my comfort zone, to travel to the other side of the world where I could engage in day to day, inspiring and empowering activities with brown skin women and children.

As I followed this calling, magic occurred: I got invited to participate in a 12 day backpacking safari in South Africa (which I said YES to!) and I found my dream non-profit organization to volunteer with in Kampala, Uganda.

What grand and glorious adventures await?

I will be sharing them with you here! I invite you to read my posts and allow my words to transport you on these adventures along with me. And I welcome your comments, too! Let me know how a certain post touches you… what gets evoked in you… even just a note to say you’re with me and reading these means a lot to me. It can be pretty wild and lonely sometimes out here beyond the comfort zone… sharing my journey with you reminds me of how we are really all connected.

High-5’s from Africa,


P.S. Not sure where to start? You can begin by reading my blog from the bottom up to get the chronological day-by-day stories. Or you can check out these two posts to get an overall taste of my backpacking safari adventure in South Africa and my first two weeks in Kampala, Uganda.


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