Day 2: A Totally Different World

Journal excerpts:

“Fucking wow. What a totally different world I am in! I am so beyond my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I was asking for. I get how I’m being given the chance to trust in a big way and trust life and remember I’m ok.”


“What else is possible when I let go of all of the judgments, projections and expectations and just be the space of me, opening to what is, asking questions and being in the friendly flow of the Universe?”


“Walk tall, girl. You’ve got your own back and are in cahoots with the Universe.”


I move into my new home. I am so beyond grateful to be here. I am warmly welcomed. The family consists of Annette and Ronald (the mama and papa here), Linda (the 13-year-old who is quickly becoming my Ugandan Ambassador), Rachel (her older sister who lives at home and attends University) and Ivan (her brother who is only around on the weekends and also attends University). And dozens of chickens of various ages, a rooster (who I come to discover is very vocal) bunnies and a dog (Racquela).

Exhale… I’m here.

(Special shout out to Gloria Komukama, Program Officer of the Adolescent Girls Program and one of the Girl Up Team Members, who during my initial arrival and transition time picked me up, ran errands with me, dropped me off, made sure I had what I needed, and through it all, conveyed such care and kindness. Thank you, Gloria!) (Photo: Gloria & Me)

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