Day 3: Saying Yes

Keeping with my commitment to say yes to the invitations I receive, I say yes to attending church with the family the next morning. It’s an early start – we’re out the door and on the road by 7:15. It’s an Anglican church. And oh, do they know how to sing! The singing gets more and more animated the longer it goes on and oh, does it go on!

The core message of the preaching: all is impossible on our own; all is possible with God.

At one point the preacher invites newcomers to the church to stand up and say their name. I stand. “Hi. My name is Megan Walrod. I’m from America. I’m grateful to be here with you all.” I sit down to applause, not sure what to make of the quiet laughter that ripples through the room following my introduction.

I am definitely a curiosity. The only white person in the church. The kids are uninhibited with their staring and desire to connect. After church, as we spill out into the lawn, several kids come up to me, courageously shy, wanting to connect yet not sure how. I shake their hands, ask their names, letting them know with my smile it’s ok to connect. The adults stand back yet some follow the children’s lead and come up to me, shaking my hand and introducing themselves. I get that it’s considered some kind of honor to touch me and to be close to me. It’s odd, it’s interesting, it just is.

Back home to a special post-church feast. Then I’m picked up by Monica, her son Victor (6) and Gloria (Girl Up team member). We pick up Monica’s friend Charity and then are off for an adventure at Munyonyo on Lake Victoria. It’s beautiful and full of great people-watching. I find a new little friend in Victor.


Journal excerpts: “I’m here as I followed a calling and now here I am wondering, what experience am I seeking? And what am I doing here? What do I actually desire to get out of this experience? … I desire to see what it is the Universe desired for me to experience! It’s the mystery of choice and co-creating…”


“What if this journey is about softening into surrendering and not needing to push or effort or have an agenda?”


Photo: Victor, Monica’s son, and me, at the edge of Lake Victoria, watching the boat that just zoomed by.

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