Day 4: “Feel Free”


  • Met the (almost) entire Girl Up team! Song, dance, laughter, warmth, smiles, team meeting… I can’t stop smiling I’m so happy to finally be here, meeting them all, exploring the ways I will be contributing…
  • Met one of the girls who went through the Advanced Girls Program and get to “interview” her about her experience. (On Friday I had mentioned my desire to meet with some of the girls and get to hear their stories about what it was like to go through the AGP and the impact of it. Gloria, head of the AGP, didn’t waste any time and had interviews lined up for me for the rest of the week, including site visits to the schools.)
  • Evening stroll with Linda as we talked about body confidence, what she would do if she was president, fears, and other matters big and small.
  • Was welcomed into Annette’s cooking kitchen and allowed to assist!
  • Told to “feel free” at both the office and home… “Feel free…” meaning, you are home, you are welcomed here, you are one of us, be free, help yourself, relax and enjoy yourself.


(Special shout out to Enock Kyambadde, one of the passionate volunteers at Girl Up, specializing in the Champions of Change program, who drove me around town so I could take care of some important details like getting a SIM card for my phone, withdrawing money, and getting water, tea and toilet paper at the grocery store. It felt great to get all the basics covered! Thank you Enock!)

(Picture: sharing with Girl Up team members the art supplies and storybooks that my communities in Colorado and New York donated. What a joy to be the carrier of all these goodies! Team from the left: Caroline Achola, Monica Nyiraguhabwa, Gloria Komukama, Me, Clare Tusingwire and Denis Allan Zziwa. Photo credit: Emmanuel Walusimbi, Girl Up Team Member.)

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