Day 5: Mzungu

Conversation with Linda over breakfast, “If you’re here in November you will have to try the grasshoppers.”

Linda accompanies me to the office, upon Monica’s invitation, to hang out with us for the day. (She’s on holiday.) The team welcomes her and my two families begin to blend.


Being with the Girl Up Team… no words right now, just joy.

I step outside of the office after lunch to get some sunlight and some kids see me. Mzungu! They whisper and call to each other, having the courage to look up at me from their safe sitting position on the edge of the other building. I smile at them. They smile back. I hold up my hand. “High 5?” One of them runs over and gives me a high 5, giggles, and runs back to the other kids.

Thus begins the game: running, high 5-ing, returning; then it’s both hands; then they stick around me as we do some clapping games. I ask them their names and their ages but the info doesn’t really stick as we’re more into the non-verbal smiling, clapping and just being around each other. Some of them come sit down next to me and see my tattoos (sun on my ankle, heart and wings on my neck) and start pointing and showing them to each other.

The play with kids and using “mzungu” as an ice breaker and invitation has begun.

Conversation with 3 girls who went through the Adolescent Girls Program… so inspiring! More on those stories later.

Cooking with Annette and Linda ~ learning how to make authentic Ugandan dishes.

Annette so appreciates my appreciation for her cooking and all the different tastes, she’s now getting excited to introduce me to different dishes and we talk about food and traditions and life in Uganda.

(This is one of those posts that I just had the energy to capture some highlights rather than share full stories of the tastes and textures of the foods, the way they cook, etc. I gotta prioritize LIVING the moments… writing about it comes later…)

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