Day 6: Compliments, Ugandan Style!

Enock, one of the Girl Up team members, greets me after not seeing me for two days with much delight, “Ahh… you’re getting fatter! Ugandan food is good for you?”

Linda on our walk to the office yesterday morning: “The more I spend time with you the less I see your color.”

And on our walk home yesterday: “You have a big butt! And I bet you have big hips, too. Even if you don’t have big boobs, as long as you have one of the three, you are attractive here in Uganda.”

(Picture: Linda and me on our way home after a walk through the neighborhood. You can see their house peeking out over the security fence in the background.)

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Compliments, Ugandan Style!”

    1. Linda is such an inspiring young woman, isn’t she?! Whether she becomes the President of Uganda or some other leadership role, I know she’ll be one to shake things up for the better!


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