A Night Of Traditional Singing and Dancing

An outing with members of the Girl Up team! We head out, 9 of us packed into her white pathfinder type vehicle, to a fundraiser for the Performing and Creative Arts organization.

The different dances and songs and outfits and styles amaze me… the flowing arms of the women in the dance from Western Uganda… the drumming and staccato type beat in the men dancing a tribal Zulu dance, wearing long whitish blond wigs that they swing up and down and around and around… the dances from Central and Eastern Uganda…

And in each one Gloria leans over to whisper to me what the dance symbolizes… like how those flowing arms of the women symbolize the long horned cows that their tribe relies on… she also shares with me how the women wearing the blue and yellow outfits that make them look like beautiful butterflies are from her tribe…and how the dancers wearing the extra fabric on their bums and shaking them up and down are from Emma’s tribe… and it continues… an education in their traditions.

In between dances is a performance from one of the youngest and best male gospel singers in Uganda. He gets off the stage and starts moving through the crowd. Our group is up and dancing a bit more wildly than everyone else. He comes over to where we are, sees me, and takes me by the hand, leading me through the crowd of several hundred to the front where we dance with each other for several minutes.

I focus on making eye contact with him. His eyes sparkle. Our bodies move in harmony with the music and each other. I smile. I feel free, happy, open.

From being lost in downtown Kampala to dancing in front of a crowd with a well-known singer… so this is what else is possible beyond my comfort zone? I like it. Thank you and send me more, please. 😊

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