Day 19: Choosing Togetherness

I’ve been pretty sick this past week. I’ve got a cold that’s kicking my butt with unlimited snot and other things. This week I finally said, ‘Enough’, and have spent the last few days home, resting, and horizontal a lot of the time.

And while there have been moments of homesickness and heaviness (what is it about being sick that makes me more vulnerable to the judgments and doubt?), I’m awakening today to the gift of this ‘sickness.’

This is the week I’m transitioning out of the mini-sabbatical that August was and moving forward with my clients and wading through an inbox that hasn’t been checked since the end of July. And my body is saying, ‘Hold on, missy. You’ve been immersed in safari and then volunteering and meeting a whole new circle of people and there is a lot involved in this chapter ahead with living, volunteering, working and playing in this new place of Uganda… take some time to catch up with yourself.’

So that is what I’m doing. And in the catching up with myself, I’ve also been catching up on the news of all that’s been occurring in America over the past days and weeks. Oh goodness… heated conversations (and actual fighting and casualties) over race. What else is possible when we choose coming together versus separation?

As I experience for the first time in my life being the only white person I see most days, and get to know some amazing people who happen to have dark skin, and see all that arises in all of us around the difference in skin color, I’m brought to tears knowing the hatred that exists in the world for people who are ‘different’ when I know there is so much kindness and possibility available to us in these differences.

And oh Hurricane Harvey… the stories I’ve read about how people have come together to support each other out. The human chain that delivered a woman in labor to a vehicle that was able to get she and her husband safely to the hospital where they delivered their first healthy baby girl (after two previous miscarriages). The fundraising that is happening specifically for people of color and others who really need the support. The generosity of spirit that is showing up in the people I know who wish to donate and do what they can to pray and contribute to those impacted by the flooding.

So, so much unfolding; an acceleration of events that again and again invites me, you, us, to consider what is ours to contribute? What else is possible when we choose cohesion and coming together instead of separation and judgment?

And this white privilege… I’m more aware of it today than ever before. I’m aware of how absolutely privileged and wealthy I am. I’m doing everything I can to keep showing up and contributing to the Girl Up team here who is engaged in on the ground activities that are changing norms, programs, policies and more here in Uganda. They’re lifting girls and women out of poverty; educating girls on their rights, their equality, cultivating their confidence and self-esteem so they see what else is possible beyond what they’ve lived their entire lives; empowering women to save, to be successful in business, to gain practical money-making skills, to overcome the obstacles they’ve faced every day of their lives.

So whenever I start to go into judgment and despair that there is so much more to do, to offer, to create, to be, to change things in the world, I remember (thanks to Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness, who reminded me) to acknowledge the part I’m playing in making the world a far more wonderful place.

And then I ask, what else is mine to contribute? (Thank you, Dr. Dain.) And I follow the energy and show up to what is mine to be and do and create.

We are in this together… what is it we can create together now when we go beyond skin color and gender and generations of hatred and stories of separation? What kind of reality are we capable of creating with each other now?

I choose possibility.

I choose coming together.

What do you choose?



If you’re wondering what and where to donate to the families in Houston who could really use your support, check out the fundraiser here that Access Consciousness has started.




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