Day 35: One Big Run-On Sentence That Says It All

Honoring that this isn’t the journey I thought it would be but then again it is and then again it’s not and it’s like any kind of big adventure of the best kind… it’s epic and surprising … it’s also got very ordinary moments that aren’t ordinary simply because they’re occurring in a landscape that is so totally different and yet wherever you go there you are and all the inner landscape that is me comes along for the ride so I get to be in all this newness with all this familiarity yet the inner landscape is shifting and changing in response to the shifting and changing outer world and I don’t know who I am anymore and I welcome that and yet it’s disorienting and sometimes disturbing and other times exhilarating.



Photo credit: an American who happened to also be on a boda boda tour at the same time as I was while visiting the Gaddafi Mosque in Kampala.

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