Day 38: Refueling Station & Getting Perspective

(The beauty and spaciousness of Murchison Falls National Park and my encounters with the animals is still alive and stirring in me. I find I don’t quite have the words to put to my experiences. So this is a bit of a placeholder post that captures some of the “outer” details of what I did and not so much my inner reflections of it all. I’m still reflecting! So for now… this…)

My 3 day weekend adventure…

Day 1: Leaving Kampala for Murchison Falls, about a 6-7 hour journey North.

A visit to the Falls… the Nile river spraying my face as the wide girth of its usual flowing waters is forced through a much smaller gap in the hillside… deriving much joy at being in the presence of such extraordinary power and beauty.

Day 2: Safari, this time in a van with 6 others and our driver, Ronald. Driving through the huge park, spotting and being with the animals… giraffes, buffalo, lions, warthogs, several different species of antelope, birds and more birds and more. So different from my backpacking safari adventure last month in South Africa and yet still beautiful and nourishing in its own way.

Afternoon safari by boat along the Nile river… hippos, birds of all sizes and colors and activities, baby crocodiles, a big sleeping croc, more hippos… then the view of the Murchison Falls and wishing to get closer to feel its spray again.

Dinner outside. Warthogs visiting us. Storytelling by the campfire. Dancing and music around the campfire. Then time for bed… in my own private bandu… glamping in style. First hot shower in 5 weeks.

Day 3: Another drive through the park. More animals. Giraffes. Lots and lots of giraffes. Energy and medicine of the big perspective. The higher ground.

Happy to be surrounded by so much space, so much beauty, so much clean air… and then the smell of dung and it’s all enlivening.

Laughing along with Ronald, our driver, at his stories… about the hippo and the warthog… when we sit down together I can tell you these stories sometime.

Drive home. Conversations with the Ugandan-Canadian woman, my new friend. Getting to ask her all my questions about culturally sensitive issues that have arisen so far. So insightful. So valuable.

Being quiet with the space of me… the new perspectives that have arisen in this journey… the awareness it is essential to get out of Kampala every month to visit more of this beautiful land, to get away from all the congestion and pollution, to experience more of this country, to tap into that giraffe view.

This 3 day adventure served as a visit to the much-needed refueling station.


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