Day 40: The Voice That Doesn’t Use Words

Internet issues at my favorite most trusted usually reliable café.

Leaning into an edge. A sharp edge. Something is peeling away.

Traffic jam. Horns. Diesel. Crazy drivers. Sweaty. Dusty. Tired. Just on time for client session. Technical issues. More technical issues. Quick cold shower to wash off the dust and sweat.

Leaning into a void. No ground. Grief. Homesickness but not sure which home is being missed or if it’s even a home. Tears flow. A soft peach colored towel holds my sobs.

Another call. A different kind of conversation. Sharing an idea that has been with me for a long time. Being received, joined, supported, encouraged.

Dinner is brought to me. Two plates filled with beans, greens, avocado, matoke, steamed bananas. Every mouthful is delicious.

Leaning into receiving. An edge is emerging but this one arises to meet my feet, revealing the next steps on a new path. A familiar space is present, reminding me I’ve been here before… a place of possibility and more whispers. I keep listening.

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