Your Heart Knows The Way

Thankfully, I’m familiar enough with the pattern now that I can SEE IT when it’s occurring…

I say YES to an inspired soul project, begin moving forward towards turning the idea into a reality and BAM, gremlins arise; those truthful sounding voices inside that are full of objections, limitations and other evidence for how this is the worst idea ever, the worst timing ever and I’m the worst person ever to think of doing it.

The thing is, the gremlins are full of BS. But they’re really, really, good at disguising themselves as truth.

I wasn’t too surprised then this week when, after taking some important steps forward with an inspired soul project, some gremlins popped up in a big way. Fortunately, too, I’m familiar enough with this pattern that not only can I SEE IT, I don’t stay in the gremlins’ grasp for long. (Hallelujah!)

It helps to have awareness, gremlins-be-gone tools and support! I’m super grateful (and feeling like, how did I get so lucky?!) to have a trusted advisor at my side for this next adventure I’m saying yes to. She “gets” the project on so many levels. She gets the energy of it, the importance of it, and shares incredible wisdom with me that ranges from the spiritual-sage-bigger-picture-view to the nitty-gritty-what’s-it-gonna-take-to-get-this-created-know-how.

Tonight, she reminded me of the dance that this pattern is, the continuous “pushing aside the small self so the larger purpose self can shine through…” This is the dance I’m in right now. Setting aside the gremlins that say, “Who am I to bring this forward now when friends in Northern California have lost their homes to fires?” and “Will this really make the difference I sense it can make?” And instead, showing up to what is mine to show up to. Every day, moving this project forward and being willing to see through the gremlins’ B.S. so that my larger purpose self can shine through, revealing the next step.

Oh, Universe, thank you for your beautiful, inspiring, mysterious ways. Thank you for gifting me with this idea many years ago. And for making it clear that now is the time. I will continue to listen to my heart and run in that direction.

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