Lessons Learned From My Computer Crash

I learned 3 big lessons over the weekend when my computer crashed:


Planning on backing up your hard drive is very, very different from actually BACKING UP THE HARD DRIVE. Fortunately, I only lost 2 months of journaling pages and some Africa stories that were in process.


This weekend I was in need of a “reset.” I felt a bit energetically clogged up by all the city congestion, physically and psychically. I started to engage with my yoga and meditation practice again, reminding myself it’s not always about LEAVING the city to find peace but rather, BEING PEACE wherever I am.

I also had asked for a reset of my “operating system” (the different points of views I operated from that no longer serve me).

I guess I didn’t make it clear to the Universe that I didn’t literally need a reset of my computer operating system…


Have you ever seen Tibetan Monks make sand art? They spend hours making gorgeous mandalas with sand dyed different colors. Then they let the elements have their way with the art: wind, rain… the art doesn’t remain. It’s a practice of impermanence and non-attachment.

I definitely felt tugs at my heart upon knowing I lost two months of journaling pages… pages that captured my dreams and reflections, inquiries and insights, grief and celebrations. Yet I also knew the truth of what a dear friend shared, of how the act of writing itself is the real medicine of journaling.

Yes, very true, aaaaaannnnnd, the writer in me wondered if some day, when writing my book about the journey over the past year and a half, I’d want those pages to refer to.

Yet I saw the poetic beauty in all of this…

How often do I hold onto old stories and points of views while simultaneously wishing to create a different future?

What else is possible when I allow a full reset and LET GO of all the past stories and reflections and points of views?

I’ll still back up my hard drive, don’t misunderstand me. Some things are just smart to do.

But I’m practicing the art of surrender. Letting go invites me to open up and receive more of what is wishing to contribute to me, the newly updated Megan 2.0. J

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