That was me yesterday.

After 3 ½ months in Uganda 
being exposed to different stimuli almost
I hit an invisible wall.

I was hot, sweaty, grimy, gritty,
and exhausted.

A conversation with my sister
who spent years living overseas
helped me melt into the >splat<
with some more grace and ease.

She got it.
She got the >splat<.
Been there, done that,
so she had.

And in being gotten
I got to remember
nothing was wrong
and I wasn’t crazy.

All I required
was some major decompression.

“Go sit and stare at some flowing water for a while…”
was the nourishing wisdom I received.

I knew it was time for another weekend getaway.
I haven’t left Kampala,
the capital city of over 1.5 million people
since early October.
Too long for this system of mine.

But this time
it’s time for a weekend away
Just gazing at clouds and staring at water.

Although I’m not able to get away
this weekend
I started my decompression
this morning
with some yin yoga
cleaning and clearing out my living space
and doing laundry.

Then… my equivalent of gazing at water…
I rested on my bed, listening to music…
like really listening to the music
and then turning the music off and
listening to the birds
and gazing at them out my window.

Oh, sweet space of being.

And I gave thanks…

Thanks for the gift of this body
that is so resilient and resourceful.

Thanks for the gift of simple activities
(like yoga, meditation, cleaning)
that restore a greater sense of well-being.

Thanks for this tender heart and aware being that
can perceive and pick up on so much.

Thanks for my sister’s wisdom
that came in the perfect moment.

Thanks for the gift of this place
and all of its colorful differences
that are delightful and intense and beautiful and chaotic.

Thanks for this adventure that is opening me
to knowing and receiving and experiencing
more of me
more of life
more of what else is possible?

Thanks for the people in this place,
in my family,
in my community,
that arise to meet me with kindness
and generosity
again and again and again.

Although I won’t be with my family
in person
celebrating Thanksgiving today,
I am giving thanks
for all the gifts and beauty,
that are my life,
for all the blessings and privileges
that I’m more aware of now
than ever before.

To all of you who celebrate,
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

May you be nourished by it all:
the moments of grace
and the moments of grit.

It’s all
believe it or not
a gift.

As are you.


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