She Teaches Me About Receiving

I hand her two boxes of tea. ‘They’re not the tea we really really like, as the store didn’t have that kind, but this way we can do a taste test and see how these two are.’

She takes the boxes and asks, ‘How much?’

I give her a look that says, ‘Are you kidding me?’ and shake my head.

She gives me a look that says, ‘Are you kidding me?’ and then says, ‘But you gave us tea last time and I didn’t pay you for that!’

‘You give me so much!’ I say.

‘What?’ she demands, playfully yet seriously. ‘What do we give you?’

I lift my hands in a wide circle, implying all that she gives me here on this land where her family home is and the gardens and where I live… from feeding me to caring about me to confiding in me to inquiring about me… she nourishes me in so many ways. ‘To the moon and beyond you give to me,’ say my hands and face, beaming at her.

‘Uhhhh,’ she makes that sound both acknowledging and dismissing what she’s heard me say.

We stretch each other, we do. In our own ways we invite each other to receive more.

I took this picture of her recently, and although she doesn’t like having her picture taken that much, she let me take this one as I was admiring the mushrooms she’d harvested. So beautiful and so many! And there would be another harvest the next day!

This woman teaches me in so many unspoken ways about abundance. And generosity. And kindness. And receiving.

And in so doing, she invites me, unknowingly, into being more of the abundant, generous, kind and receptive woman I desire to be. Thank you, Annette.

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