I Wanted To Ask You Something…

‘I wanted to ask you something…’ I said, and then paused.

Was I overstaying my welcome? If I was, would she tell me? What if she said no?

She laughed, wondering why I paused. She continued stirring the grasshoppers over the fire, making sure they didn’t burn.

‘Would it be ok if I stayed longer? Through the holidays, until February?’

I was met with a huge smile and the immediate response of, ‘Yes! Feel free. We love you. You’re family. You can stay all through winter if you like. However long you want. It’s ok with us.’

Relief and joy and gratitude and hugs! We sealed the deal with some ‘hoppers fresh off the fire.

Then she confessed, ‘I’ve been praying that you meet a man here and you end up staying here all the time.’

We’ll see what comes of her prayer. 😜 In the meantime, I’m letting you know it’s official: I’ll be staying here in Uganda till February! What grand and glorious adventures await?!

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