The Hairy Lemon

I found one of my new favorite places on the planet…

The Hairy Lemon!
(Don’t you love the name?!)

Located on an island on the Nile River, the only way to access this unique sanctuary is via a small boat. The only way to access my private ‘glamping’ spot, located on a second island, is via a small wooden bridge. I loved the quiet remoteness!!

I fell asleep each night to the sound of the rushing river and crickets, frogs and other creatures serenading me. I awoke each morning to bird songs I hadn’t heard before.

I flowed through my days… soaking up the beauty, taking naps, reading a novel, journaling, laying on the earth, gazing at the river, watching the birds (so many different kinds!) and being entertained by red tailed monkeys. I even went kayaking on the river.

The beauty and peace of this place fed me deeply. I’m already planning another visit before I leave Uganda!

(Oh, and locals will probably consider me bat shit crazy, but I rode a boda boda <motorcycle taxi> the entire way there and home again! <It took a few hours each way!> I got to ride through acres of sugar cane fields and a beautiful forest; got invited to share a papaya fresh from the tree with some locals; had little kids calling out to us in the forest while I tried to pee at the tree line without being seen; and got the joy of a road trip as a bonus to this trip!)

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