The Gritty Pearl

I had a really gritty kind of day.

Winston Churchill once called Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’ for all of its brilliant beauty.

The name Megan means ‘pearl’. (It also means ‘strong’ and ‘brave warrior’.)

Well, it takes grit to create that polished gem. So I’ve been leaning into the gritty, grumpy edges with as much kindness and gentleness as I could muster.

That helped. A lot. As did sharing about my grit with friends and loved ones. They got it. And they kept loving me. I didn’t feel so crazy or alone anymore.

While I don’t feel as in need of hugs, kind words and other contributions from you as I did earlier, I want you to know that would all be very welcomed. 

It’s not always easy to be doing this ‘living my dream’ thing and bringing a soul project to life. Sometimes I just wanna curl up in my mom’s bed in NY and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and Outlander and drink hot cocoa as the snow falls outside. (Sigh)

For now, I’m giving thanks for the grace that’s emerging in the wake of this round with the grit.

Your Friend, the Pearl-in-Process

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