“If I can do this, I can do anything!”

I have a vivid memory of standing in my little bathroom (that doesn’t seem so little now after sharing a smaller one with 4 people over the past week in the village!) in my first few days of arriving in Uganda and saying out loud, so spontaneously I surprised myself, “If I can do this, I can do anything!”
It was a beautiful moment of acknowledging my capacity to choose, commit to and create all that I desire.
A year ago January, all I knew was that I was committed to coming to East Africa in 2017. I didn’t know which country, which non-profit I’d volunteer with, and how the heck I’d pay for it. And I hoped beyond hope that I would be able to stay for at least 3 weeks, if not a full month.
Fast forward to this last day of 2017 and here I am, immersed in life in Uganda, creating a book with the amazing non-profit I’m volunteering with, and paying for my travel with the money that keeps showing up as I keep showing up for myself, all while living my YES. Oh… and as for that hoping beyond hope thing… I’ve now been in Africa for 4 1/2 months and counting!
How did I turn my dream into a reality? I kept listening. I kept acting on what I heard. I got support with getting out of my own way. And I surrendered again and again into co-creating with the Universe.
So as YOU dream into 2018 and all that you desire, know this: If I can do this adventure of a life in Uganda, you can do anything, too!
And I’m curious: What dream is whispering to you? What nudges are you aware of from the Universe? What desires are you following in 2018? Let me know!
I wonder what grand and glorious adventures await in 2018?!?
(In this image I’m standing on the narrowest little swinging bridge over the Nile River!)

One thought on ““If I can do this, I can do anything!””

  1. your stories keep on inspiring me each day, I expect alot this year and am looking forward to counting my blessings one by one


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