Girls Daring To Dream

In October, we created a Dream Ceremony for ~200 adolescent girls here in Uganda. They were invited to write down their dreams of what they wish to be when they grow up. Then, each girl got to read her dream out loud and be witnessed and celebrated by a small circle of her sisters and one of the coaches from the Girl Up Initiative Uganda Team. I was deeply touched by this experience. And I wasn’t the only one!

We were so inspired by these girls and their dreams that we decided to include all of them in our book, “We Have Something To Say: True Stories Written By Adolescent Girls Growing Up In The Slums Of Kampala.” So if you get our book, you’ll not only get to read 20 stories from the girls themselves, you’ll also get to read almost 200 of their dreams!

It’s a beautiful thing, when an adolescent girl growing up in the slums has the courage to dream of a better future for herself. It’s not only beautiful, it’s revolutionary! In daring to dream, she’s valuing herself and acknowledging her ability to change her circumstances. This is HUGE!!

On this first day of 2018, I wished to share with you a few of their dreams:

“I want to be become a doctor because I feel bad when I see people dying because of poor medical services. I want to help people to live a better healthy life. I really feel sorry for pregnant mothers who die in pain because of lack of midwives to help them give birth and sometimes their bodies die because of poor hygiene so I want to become a doctor to advise young girls who become pregnant because of love for boys. I want to help pregnant mothers to give birth to a healthy lovely baby. That is the reason why I want to become a doctor.”
~ Akirior Flavia Bernadeth, age 12

:::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * ::::::::

“My dream is to become a musician. I want to pass my message of hope through music and reach out to the children who sleep on the streets.”
~ Kabagweri Shipa, age 14

:::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * ::::::::

“I want to be an accountant because I am a mathematician and I want other girls to know that they can do it confidently. I want to be a musician because I like singing songs and other girls know singing like me but keep it up because you can do it. God help me because I want it.”
~ Kasiringi Teddy, age 12

:::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * ::::::::

“I want to become a lawyer because I want to help the women who are imprisoned, mistreated and tortured and also to help those who are imprisoned for nothing, to fight corruption in my country so that even the poor can get justice in this country. Third, I want to fight the human rights especially the women because I see they are the one who are most violated. And lastly, I want to become the first woman Chief Justice of Uganda.”
~ Namulemeri Cissy, age14

:::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * :::::::: * ::::::::

Ahhh! Aren’t they inspiring?! I’m so grateful for Girl Up Initiative Uganda, for giving these girls the tools, support and encouragement to go for their dreams.

In this New Year, I encourage YOU to go for your dreams, too!

P.S. If you’re inspired by these girls and would like to contribute to them AND get a copy of our book, you can donate to our book fundraiser! Click her for details and to donate: Thank you! 

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